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Debbie Burchfiel, Licensed Massage Therapist

Debbie Burchfiel, LMT

I completed massage training at The Oregon School of Massage and have practiced in Albany, Oregon since 2007.  My continuing education has focused on therapeutic techniques, Shiatsu (Japanese Acupressure) and Reiki healing touch. 

 I have seen clients as young as 5 and as mature as 90, yet most people I see are active adults, who recognize the benefits of regular massage, and who want to improve function or reduce pain from old injuries and chronic/repetitive muscular patterns.  We work together - using a variety of techniques to free up 'stuck' or misaligned muscle fibers, followed by suggested self-care practices; cold/heat, stretch/strengthening and postural awareness, to continue a path of progress and healing.

My philosophy is simple - massage at all stages of our lives (thus the name Lifetime Massage & Wellness) on a regular basis, benefits us physically, mentally, emotionally.  Clients are often surprised to find they have tension where they had no pain, for example in a hip or shoulder. They are "informed" through touch, and then can experience new ease and function.



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